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How To Use

  1. Measure your heel with the sample
    sizes that are on the back of the box.
  2. Pick the closest size to your heel
  3. If heel is worn out and almost flat- 
    File heel if needed for a more contoured fit.
  4. Pierce glue with lid to open
  5. Put two to three drops of glue inside tip
    (do not put too much it will not bond)
  6. Stick heel inside tip and let it set
    (a couple of minutes) be sure all sides have bonded
  7. Stick it! Fit it! Heel it! Go!!

Please note

*Note: If heel is completely gone (only metal showing) product 
will not work effectively
Directions for glue - twist lid tight so it punctures tube, then carefully unscrew orange lid put a few drops of glue in tip, glue may drip so wipe extra on a paper towel.
Close orange lid securely. If glue gets on skin wash with soap and water. Seek medical attention immediately if swallow or get in eyes
Keep Out Of Reach Of Children
Fix A Heel Now is not responsible of any misuse of glue or any products offered. Use at your own risk.



See what our customer say.

Best product in heel repair completely helped my shoes last longer.

Kaitlyn K – Palm Beach

Wow! Simply just amazing my shoe wore out before my heel tip.

Cindy S – Las Vegas

My American friends told me about this product, so I had to buy it and try it, so glad I did.

Lynn B – London

I have so many heel tips that are worn, Fix A Heel helped me fix all of them because they have every size. Thank you.

Summer F- New York