Big Dummy Entrepreneur

How I became an Entrepreneur......

Hi Everyone,

My name is Amy Badrian Founder of Fix A Heel Now and I am sharing with you what NOT to do when you come up with a bright idea or invent or start a business.....

Background on me I was a Director of Admissions for a Skilled Nursing and Rehab (nursing home). I got the job because I embellished on my resume - who doesn't?? I did have some experience but lets face it a donkey could do this job its not like I am performing surgery or something I am just marketing. Let me share what it entails just in case you want to get into health care. I want to start off by first saying I met a lot of good people who were awesome and legitimately love to care for patients and are good at what they do. So if you are reading this you know who you are. However, everyone else sucked! My job was to fill a building (a nursing home) full of patients perferably medicare because it paid the most. When your numbers were good now bothered you. The second you drop below budget you were treated like a piece of s**t. You were harassed, constantly belittled, you were on conference calls out the ying yang... with corporate and everyone else. The conference calls sometimes twice a day mind you were seven days a week depending on the company which I worked for quite a few. Not sure what corporate is thinking because I could only make up so much crap that I was doing to appease them because lets face it I am not god.

Tip Of The Day: Healthcare marketing sucks!

More next-time.... I will share what my job requirements were tune in!