Fix A Heel Now Is the newest design in heel tip fix and protection.

Our Story

As a hard working Director of Sales and Marketing for a skilled nursing and rehab, I would go through heels super quick (sometimes within two weeks). I would spend tons of money on new shoes because it was very inconvenient to try and find a shoe repair shop and leave my shoes. It was also costly to fix my shoes, sometimes more then what the shoes were worth. So I came up with tips that are the best design on the market. I tried others and they did not work and looked ridiculous on my shoes. My design has been tested on all walking surfaces - dirt, sidewalks, puddles, asphalt and best of all you can walk on Cracks! The new contoured design is made to fit extra snug and looks like the original heel. Designed in Florida and made by an actual shoe manufacturer - it is the strongest most durable tip on the market. So Stop That Clickity Clack!

As Seen On TV!!!

  • Made by a shoe manufacturer
  • Durable and contoured to fit your heel
  • Easy to use
  • Makes heels safer to walk in
  • Stop That Clickity Clack.