What Is Fix A Heel Now?

It’s a Do It Yourself Cobbler Kit to fix and or preserve the bottom of your heel made of the same material as the original heel but a stronger combination of plastic and rubber

Why Choose Fix A Heel Now

We offer the most durable product made, fits on almost every heel size, easy to use, affordable, and has been extensively tested on all surfaces including cracks and puddles.

Why do heel tips need repair?

Heel tips become extremely slippery and dangerous to walk on its best to get Fix A Heel Now early on to preserve your heel for the duration of wearing them –but still makes them safer later on

How long does it last?

It last until your shoes fall apart or you retire them

Does it change the height of your heel?

Fix A Heel Now tips are very small in size so you can not feel the difference inside its flush to your original heel

Why do you need a kit?

Fix A Heel Now comes with a kit because sometimes heels are very worn down and become a different shape (flat) and to achieve a tapered fit from the tip you must file your original heel down to make the heel flush.

Why do you need glue?

Fix A Heel Now provides a special adhesive that works specifically for rubber and plastic combination. It has been tested to be very effective on all heels

Should you be careful with the glue and can I use other glues?

You need to be careful with the glue it bonds to any surfaces in seconds. Do not get it on your skin. Other glues on the market that are used for plastic and rubber do work as well but may not be as effective

Can I remove the tips?

No once they are on your shoe they are there to stay for the duration – In some cases a cobbler can get them off, however.

What if the heel is completely gone (only metal showing) will the tips work?

No at this point you need to take your shoes to the cobbler get new heels and then put Fix A Heel Now on the new heel tips and then you will never have to fix them again

Orders & Returns

All of our products are 100% returnable and refundable

How do you ship and how much is it?

Currently we ship USPS and shipping is free

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa Mastercard , Amex and Paypal